Many have been drawn to this group out of a desire to demystify the public’s perception of the Republican Party’s relationship with women.  RWCC members shape the county’s politics and impact local elections.  If there were a war on women in Chester County, the RWCC would be winning.  Fortunately, there’s not; but that’s no reason to sit idly by when faced with the opportunity to elect qualified female representatives in greater numbers than ever before.  The RWCC has been formed to support all Chester County women; those with and without political ambitions.

If you feel a sense of gratitude for the quality of life you’re afforded as a resident of Chester County, chances are, you’ll have a lot in common with the women of the RWCC.  From stay-at-home moms to Row officers, business owners to party leaders and volunteers, all report that being associated with the RWCC is enjoyable and worthwhile.  There are lost of ways to be involved; big and small.

 Whether it be assisting with a fundraiser for the RWCC or participating in the fundraising for other groups we support, many hands makes for light work.  We have a successful Outreach Committee that is always eager for new people to help network at local events in order ot promote our group’s activities.  If you’re intrigued by the mission of a welcoming organization interested in removing the barriers that stand in the way of qualified female candidates, we’d enjoy having you get to know us.

We hold general meetings roughly four time per year, interspersed with many fun social and fundraising activities.  You’re welcome to come alone or bring friends.